(Forced to retire) Judge Robert F. Nichols, Jr.

Former Federal Prosecutor Attorney Ron Howen

Lakeview Town Manager Michele Parry

Former Lake County District Attorney Ulys Stapleton

Oregon Attorney Pam Frazier

Lake County Judge Lane Simpson

Town of Lakeview manager Ray Simms

Oregon Attorney Jeffery Hedlund

Former Oregon Private Investigator Gregg Baker

Lake County probation officer Connie Nash

Lake County Probation Officer/ Bookkeeper Victoria Honnaker

Lake County Probation Superintendent Jayson Greer

Lakeview 911 Director Scott Utley

Lake County Special Clerk Cheena Wright

Lake County Probation Officer Rachel Fredericks

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Desert Granny
3 years ago

There has been a lot of corruption in our local judicial system. Seen a lot of heads turned not to look a part of the corruption. Pretty sad.