A: Bench Level: A reference point that is exactly the same elevation on both sides of the mouth and a glancing blow on the east side.

B: Direction: In which the destructive blast struck the Rock.

C: Core: the exposed base of the tub ring.

D: Tub Ring: The height and direction of the flow.

E: Arteries: Shows direction of the flow of material up and over the top.

F: Island: Hardened lava flow within crater shaped by flow shows direction to and over the lowest point.

G: Debris: Rocks that were originally on top but shoved out from the inside.

H: Slurry: the 2-3" pieces of the original rock that now cover several acres.

I: Bend: A natural reinforcement that forced the flow to return to the opening.

J: Anomaly: A deviation or turning from the natural order