Alkali Lake

Alkali Lake Chemical Dump

 I was hired by the US-Observer Newspaper to investigate claims of people dying downwind from a 2.3 million gallons’ chemical dump in the now ghost town of Alkali Lake that boasted a restaurant, a couple dozen homes and the State Highway Department offices.

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  Years ago I was ask how come birds get electrocuted from power lines and living in National Fly Zone you see this constantly with the birds that don’t start wildfires lie underneath as if their sleeping with no obvious injury’s but dead. Eagles, Goshawks, and even crows and ravens grow a wing span that is greater than the spread of the top wire and line on the ‘T’; three feet. How do we eliminate this hazard?

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Fort Rock

Fort Rock Community Breeze

A common trait with most geologists is that they don’t like the concept of catastrophic changes in the environment. The Missoula Flood that covered three states and created the Columbia Gorge, Deschutes River Gorge, and countless others thru the Northwest. Filled the Willamette Valley within minutes to a depth of four hundred feet with boulders the size of houses that originated in Canada scattered throughout the valley. A two-thousand-foot-tall wave traveling at eighty miles per hour carrying more water than the World total amount within its banks left enough evidence to cover the Northwest, yet it was debated for decades until the obvious fact was accepted.

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