Open Letter to Commissioner Williams

Published on 9 June 2021 at 18:23

Do not fund the director of our 911 call system, Scott Utley.

He uses Lake county equipment to create tampered evidence that is entered into court records through his attorney and his accomplice in the clerk records, Commissioner. I sent you irrefutable evidence of fraud committed by director Utley.  No one can claim that they paid someone by faxing them Xerox copies of money. FRAUD! I specifically took a certain witness with me to see the fraud perpetuated by director Utley. Crossing out the "19" century and replacing it with a "20", as he did is forgery and theft of public funds. My witness described Mr. Utley as "beaming". He was beaming to such a degree that he didn't notice that my witness was wearing his Lake county Deputy's badge!

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