Alkali Lake Chemical Dump

Published on 19 June 2021 at 09:13

 I was hired by the US-Observer Newspaper to investigate claims of people dying downwind from a 2.3 million gallons’ chemical dump in the now ghost town of Alkali Lake that boasted a restaurant, a couple dozen homes and the State Highway Department offices.

I was introduced to thirteen people who had contracted multiple myeloma and who lived in Alkali Lake. These shared with me their medical records. I hand delivered the clearest cases to the ODC, which were the people who had traveled to their hometown after moving to moving to Lake County to have their doctor to reconfirm the multiple myeloma diagnosis. On the website of Oregon Disease Control, in all of Lake County there is only two recorded cases of multiple myeloma. I contacted each of the doctors to confirm that they had reported the thirteen cases  to Lake county, following the law that required them to report to the ODC, and they had. After ninety days I returned and inquired as to why their website only had two cases of Multiple Myeloma in all of Lake County; “Oh, those two are probably Vietnam Vets anyway”. I dedicate my efforts to get this environmental disaster cleaned up to those thirteen people who never whined or pointed blame to the ‘cards that were dealt’  them even though they were handed a death sentence. God Bless each one. 

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