Published on 1 March 2022 at 14:10

  Years ago I was ask how come birds get electrocuted from power lines and living in National Fly Zone you see this constantly with the birds that don’t start wildfires lie underneath as if their sleeping with no obvious injury’s but dead. Eagles, Goshawks, and even crows and ravens grow a wing span that is greater than the spread of the top wire and line on the ‘T’; three feet. How do we eliminate this hazard?

 By placing the lower ‘T’ wires underneath the beam.  The materials are all there. The Power company has been putting up these hot wires up for over hundred years and have never figured out this solution.

If you think that this is asinine this is only the beginning. There is not one item that power company did right. Good news is that the consumer will benefit when the Truth comes out. No more solar farms, windmills and the rest of the garbage that litters our landscape when common sense will remove it all.

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